Asthmatic boy

Health Insights: Dealing With an Asthmatic Person at Home

Asthma is not an easy condition to live with. Most people have to use medication to keep away the attacks. But should it be as bad as this? No, you can always help your relative live with asthma. Let us look into health insights: dealing with an asthmatic person at home.

Dealing with an asthmatic person at home

Keep a clean home

Clean homeOne of the easiest ways to help an asthmatic person at home is to keep a clean environment. Dust, pet dander and carpet odor will always cause asthmatic attacks. Clean your home more regularly. Wipe out all the dust and prevent it from getting back.

Help them exercise

Just because someone has asthma, it does not mean they should not exercise. You should help them get active. From studies, regular exercise helps the lung and heart to be in perfect health. You should go for exercise with your asthmatic relative. It is one way to keep him fit and healthy.

Keep your home at optimal humidity

Healthy lungsIf you did not know, humidity can make it worse for an asthmatic person. In fact, doctors advise for optimal humidity environment for people with asthma. To keep your home safe, you should use humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the environment at home. You can involve a professional in deciding what will be best for you.

You can help them eat healthily

Did you know that poor diet could make it worse for asthma? Yes it does. Ensure that you prepare a balanced diet for the person. You should be careful not to cause weight gain as it makes the condition worse. Avoid foods with allergens.

Use home remedies

Medication may be doing a great job with your asthmatic relative, but it is not the only remedy. There is galore of asthma home remedies that would help you take care of an asthmatic individual. A hot cup of coffee would be a big welcome. Ginger mixed with natural honey would also help. You can also use a mixture of warm camphor and mustard oil. For this one, rub it around the chest and the backside between shoulders. Do this a few times in a day, and the relief it offers will surprise you.

Keep them hydrated

It is a less known fact that warm water could keep away serious asthmatic attacks. Encourage the asthmatic individual to take warm water. Water will keep them hydrated and in a better shape to face the attacks. A dry throat is the last thing you would want for asthma.

Help them breathe and use inhaler

If it is a child who is asthmatic, you will have a bigger role to play. You should help him or her to breathe better. In your absence, they should know to use an inhaler and get out of a bad situation. There is no known cure for asthma, but that should not dim your hopes. However, it should not be a living hell to have someone with asthma. With the health insights above, you can keep things on the check and help your relative lead a happy life right there at home.